Monday, September 27, 2010

Mauka Woodwerks Eco Unique Green Toys

Mauka Woodwerks, Fort Collins CO, makes very unique eco one of a kind children's toys and other associtated organic products.
Check them out at

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mauka Woodwerks Hard At Work Adding to Products

Mauka Woodwerks LLC of Fort Collins, CO makes Eco, Unique, Handcrafted,
Organically Finished, One Of A Kind, Children's Toys and Products. We're hard
at work adding to our product line everyday.

Recently, we have added a Heart Shaped Door Harp, A very cute little girl's
purse, and an all-wood bell rattles. These are very unique and old school toys
designed to inspire children's imagination.

We only make quality products and does everything "Green". 

See our products at!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Toys Introduced at Mauka Woodwerks (

Mauka Woodwerks LLC located in Fort Collins, CO has been hard at work. We have designed, and are designing, new products. These are, of course, all natural, non-toxic, handmade unique children's toys.
Our recent additions are: The Eco Car 2010 and The Mauka Lil Rockers. The automakers have strived for years to improve mpg. With Mauka Woodwerks Eco Car 2010 the mileage per gallon is unlimited. And so is the fun for the drivers. The Lil Rockers are smiling little people that easily rock side-to-side radiating happiness to everyone. Just watching them rock puts everyone in a good mood.
Soon to be released is a very cool child's purse. The prototype is being constructed as I am typing.
So, check out to see these updates and all of our unique handmade all natural wooden children's toys and associated products!